WATCH: Janis Ian Performing “At Seventeen” Live (1976)

*From Janis Ian’s Website regarding the one show she will be doing in 2016:

At Seventeen

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Between The Lines


Janis Ian, Janis Ian, Janis Ian

In addition to being a songwriter, singer and musician, Janis Ian is a columnist and author. Her books include science fiction, poetry, magazine articles and opinion columns, as well as her top-selling autobiography, "Society's Child".

Each with ties to the classic Greenwich Village folk scene, Tom Paxton and Janis Ian are nearly a generation apart yet share a slew of folk influences as well as an affinity for fearlessly tackling controversial issues.

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    In a bizarre new twist to the ongoing , legendary folk singer Janis Ian has shared her own story of how the comedian got her "banned from TV" when she was just a teenager.

    Janis Ian is a songwriter, singer, musician, columnist and science fiction author. At 15, Ian had a major pop hit with the then-provocative “Society’s Child”, a taboo-busting meditation about an interracial romance. The album rocked the nation at a time when issues surrounding interracial marriage and civil rights unrest were cresting. It was banned across the country by radio stations as “subversive”.