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The actresses playing these characters share similar qualities as well. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Rooney Mara are quirky, unconventional, and immensely talented, bright young stars who were Oscar-nominated right out of the gate. And they both also have a quiet seriousness about them. They feel like indie sirens who could have had perfectly satisfying careers making smaller, more idiosyncratic films. And yet, here they are, shouldering these giant franchises.

Istega leta, leta 2008, je Jennifer Lawrence zaigrala glavno vlogo v filmskem prvencu , družinski drami , kjer je poleg in zaigrala Agnes, mlado dekle, žrtev zlorabe. Za to vlogo je bila nagrajena z nagrado v kategoriji za »izstopajoči nastop«. Leta 2009 se je pojavila v videospotu za pesem »The Mess I Made« z njihovega albuma .

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Whether lighting up an indie or fronting a blockbuster franchise, Jennifer Lawrence is the most electric talent to hit Hollywood in a generation. Jonathan Van Meter meets America’s favorite heroine.

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