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JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters


John-F.-Kennedy-Schule (JFKS) / John F

JFKS is a unique public school of more than 1700 German, American, and other international students in Entrance Class through Grade 12. We are dedicated to providing a German-American bi-cultural, bilingual education of the highest quality in Berlin.

Concert in Memory of and Honoring Dr. Alan PolandNo entrance fees. Donations are welcome and will go to the Music Scholarship granted in 2016 for the first time by the non-profit JFKS Berlin Alumni e.V. to a JFKS student/graduate pursuing a music career. The performing musicians include:Elisabeth Alsen, Sonia Hellenbrand, Sarah Kaiser, Georg Kuehl, Michael Raj Kunsmann, Eike Lage, Sophie Moedig, Christopher O'Connor, Sonja Pitsker, Marcello Pojaghi, Marcel Ünal, Nadine Weissmann, Eve Wickert, Garry Williams and Emil Sawan Sontag. Come and join an evening featuring talented ex-JFKS professional musicians and current JFKS students. We are looking forward to a really nice evening covering various music styles from jazz to classical music and singing. See you there!

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JFKSJohn F Kennedy School (Germany)

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