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The American Journey: Brief Edition, Volume 2 (6th Edition)


Joe Sacco: The Great War: July 1, 1916

Joseph Sacco (born February 4, 1969 in ) is a retired player and current head coach of the NHL's . His younger brother also played in the NHL.

has learned that journalist/cartoonist Joe Sacco has a new work planned with Fantagraphics Books. The book will break with the sometimes-somber, intellectually engaging journalism comics for which Sacco is best known, and feature fiction and work that is humorous in nature. Details of the book are set for discussion today at the Fantagraphics publishing panel at Comic-Con International. Their official description of .

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If our present era constitutes a sort of End Times for mainstream media, it’s proving to be a golden age for Joe Sacco and other practitioners of comic-book reportage.

Reed Johnson caught up with Joe Sacco and found that the cartoonist and correspondent may be taking a break from his hot-zone reportage.