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Jobs For Kids That Pay: Money making ideas for self-employed kids 8 to 18 (B&W)


Summer Jobs for Kids : Better Parenting Institute

Looking for an age appropriate job? Our collection of jobs for kids sorted by age will help your child find out what other kids their age are doing to earn spending money. These jobs may need to be modified if your child is more or less mature and responsible, but these lists will give you a starting point.

Summer jobs for kids
are in big demand now that school is out and summer looms ahead. Sarah Cook, Founder of Raising CEO Kids, recently hosted a webinar offering over 50 ideas, tips and strategies for kids to do this summer to make money. Not only that, but Sarah has seen 100’s of children and teens turn their summer jobs for kids into their own businesses…in some cases making six-figure incomes each year! And, my guess is that how to find is one of the important steps in knowing . So, here’s what Sarah had to offer:

20 Summer Jobs for Kids (That Don't Involve Lemonade)

  • Summer Jobs for Kids: These jobs can bring spending money during school breaks. Many times opportunities open up in summer for taking care of neighbors' children, yards, and pets. Jobs include lifeguard, car wash, summer nanny, lemonade stand, mowing, yard work, babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, and dog walking, 
  • Weekend Jobs for Kids: Jobs such as babysitter are often most in demand on the weekend and won't interfere with school or sports.

Jobs for Kids - Positive Parenting Solutions

A summer job is a great way for kids to learn the value of hard work, as well as get some practical experience with money management. A summer job offers your children a chance to go beyond allowance and earn their own money. You can use this as a chance to teach them valuable financial skills, and help them put into practice such time-honored money moves as saving, wise spending and even investing. Here are some ideas for summer jobs for kids:

The Job Readiness Training Institute (JRTI) is conducted in conjunction with the Jobs For Kids Youth Employment program, and also as a stand alone program. Through the Jobs For Kids program, participants must complete 12 hours of Job Readiness training. The workshops are managed by Holman CDC and the workshop instructors are volunteers from the business community and Holman United Methodist Church. The institute provides workshops on interview skills, resume writing, workplace ethics, sexual harassment in the workplace, financial literacy, and job search techniques, just to name a few. We also offer a 12 hour Entrepreneur training track, which exposes youth to the basics of entrepreneurship. Holman CDC offers our job readiness workshops and entrepreneur basics in the fall and spring also.