L-R: Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Joe Carr and Roland White.

Joesph England and His Descendants-an Historical Genealogy of the England Family as Descending From Joseph England 1680-1748

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Rallying Around Joe Carr, Our Conservative StarPlease forgive me for stating the obvious. The mainstream media does not report the news nor does it give a rat’s derriere about America. The mainstream media is nothing more than co-conspirators with Obama, assisting his fundamental transformation of America. Its role is to protect Obama above all else and spin stories and polls to dispirit conservative opposition.

College students breaking into a civil rights song after a voter ID bill they supported was punted by a legislative committee caused an angry outburst from Rep. Joe Carr, the panel's chairman and a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

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Joe Carr endorsed in the 2012 presidential election.

This didn’t sit well with the Frankford club. The Yellow Jackets protested to NFL president Joe Carr, and Carr agreed that the Pottsville game violated their territorial rights. He advised the Maroons not to play the Four Horsemen in Philly — and that there would be dire consequences if they did.

World renowned sports psychologist Dr. Joe Carr, who has worked with NBA greats Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Kyle Korver, and Carmelo Anthony, in addition to UCONN, Notre Dame, and 4 Big 10 Schools among others, talks to our team about team building and championship team chemistry with the Islanders.