John Sheridan, wife die in 'tragic incident'

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The founders of the Interstellar Alliance which included Michael Garabaldi (the first Head of Special Intelligence), Stephen Franklin (The Interstellar Alliance's first Chief Medical Officer) Delenn (The Second President of the Interstellar Alliance), and John Sheridan (The first President of the Interstellar Alliance) were all recreated with an advanced holographic technology by a faction of the Earth Alliance that was much like President Clark's regime who lived in Sheridan's time in order to put out bad PR about the Alliance. They created a false simulation of Sheridan ordering the deaths of innocent people due to the fact that he was opposing 'Their Empire.' While they were doing this, Michael's recreation hacked the communications to warn the other side of their actions, which was to bomb their civilian targets. The opposition would counter-strike with a nuclear strike with Michael's hologram told John's recreation to 'rest easy, friends. rest easy.' as the first of the bombs hit, rightfully keeping John's Benevolent Legacy intact.

Scholars and historians looked back at John Sheridan as a kind of megalomaniac who didn't care much for what he's caused or the people he hurt, though there are some that believed he was a hero who had to do the right thing. His widow, Delenn who was 140 years old at the time set the records straight and told them that he was a kind and decent man who cared more about the world than the world cared about him. She shamed them by telling them they cared not to learn, but to speak.

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    Sheridan's Alliance he started a million years before had endured and Earth was brought back to the Interstellar Alliance. Humanity itself evolved into energy beings that were much like the Vorlons. A Historian was downloading all of Earth's History, which included the exploits of John Sheridan and his people a million years before and transmitted it all to New Earth, which was the former homeworld of the Vorlons which remained vacant for a million years. The reason why he was doing this was because the solar system was about to explode and he wanted to save all of Earth's records. As that Historian left, Earth exploded. But because Humanity endured and the Alliance held for so long, John's Legacy would continue to endure for many years to come.

    The founders of the Interstellar Alliance selected John Sheridan as its first president. He accepted the position and returned to Babylon 5, which the Interstellar Alliance offered to purchase from the Earth Alliance. It would serve as the seat of government until the facilities on Minbar were completed. On the way back to the station, John Sheridan married Delenn.