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Jonas Fink 1: La Infancia / Infancy (Spanish Edition)


Religion of A Jew in Communist Prague (Jonas Fink) vittorio giardino

Jonas Fink, a Jewish boy of eleven, sees his father, a doctor, is arrested by the secret police, accused of counterrevolutionary activities and espionage and sentenced to ten years in prison. Immediately, friends turn away, you lose your place in school and has to find work to support himself and his mother. These conditions shall not prevent choking open to love and life.

Physiognomist extraordinary Giardino dominates the human figure and facial expressions, allowing you not only to each character, which is secondary, be immediately recognizable, but also tributes as the contractor of the work (rather than a suspicious similarity with Gerard Depardieu) are integrated naturally into the story. More difficult still: the passage of time and hardship are reflected in them. The best example is Jonas Fink himself, who throughout the two albums released (three in the Spanish edition) away from being a child to becoming a teenager, but also his mother, Edith Finkova, accuses the hard night work in the factory, which is marking a pronounced dark circles first and then age your face and plunges his demeanor. The same care is revealed in the locker room, if it is true that the clothes often look newer than they should be (perhaps by color?)

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La Rizzoli Lizard ha annunciato che presto uscirà il terzo e conclusivo volume della saga di Jonas Fink di Vittorio Giardino. Non c'è ancora una data di uscita ma nel frattempo sono disponibili in anteprima.

Born in Virginia, USA on 1802 to and . Jonas Finks married and had 9 children. He passed away on 26 Aug 1851 in Franklin, Missouri, USA.