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Tom & Lucky (and George & Cokey Flo)


C Joseph Greaves, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012, PB, 336pp, $29.95

Editor’s Note: The following is a post by IAC’s hopeful adoptive parent, Joseph Greaves, and how listening to Annie gave him insight into what open adoption means to him.

C. Joseph Greaves is a former L. A. trial lawyer now living in Colorado. His first novel, "Hard Twisted," " "was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award in Fiction and was named Best Historical Novel in the SouthWest Writers' International Writing Contest, in which Greaves was also honored with the grand prize Storyteller Award. Writing as Chuck Greaves, he is a Shamus Award finalist for his Jack MacTaggart series of legal/detective mysteries.

Daughter of Joseph Greaves and his wife Ada

 Jacques Arfwedson, born 1875
 Son of Adela and Carl Edward
 Mereweather's godson
 Photograph 3 May 1891
   by Nils Björsell, Stockholm


 Margaret Vogel née Greaves
 Daughter of Joseph Greaves and his wife Ada
 Mereweather's goddaughter
 Photograph 1905 by Ferd. Mayer, Graz

Son of Joseph Greaves and Mary Ann Holliwell

The true events behind the John’s Canyon Murder and the subsequent “skeleton murder trial” of the Depression Era are brought to spellbinding light in HARD TWISTED, set in a landscape as brutal as it is beautiful. After a twelve-year quest, trial lawyer C. Joseph Greaves gave up his thriving partnership to write a saga of survival, redemption and a young girl’s coming of age. Oklahoma May 1934 — Clint Palmer, released from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas , befriends Dillard Garrett, a homeless man and his 13-year-old daughter, Lucille. Palmer lures them to Texas, where Dillard Garrett mysteriously disappears. Lucile begins a harrowing, year-long ordeal in captivity culminating in four additional killings.

C Joseph Greaves literally stumbled over this story. He was out hiking and he tripped over a pair of skulls. A double murder from the 1930s. And as he traced the story, and turned it into a spare, tough novel of survival, we meet a young girl whose father has disappeared, and who’s on the road with a charismatic, no-good, drifter.