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WHEN Judd Hirsch first played Nat, an 81-year-old codger in ''I'm Not Rappaport'' by Herb Gardner, some people thought he was too young and in need of an extra layer of geriatric greasepaint. Still, the actor's performance won a Tony Award. Now,...

Los Angeles, Mar 18 (PTI) Veteran actor Judd Hirsch has been cast as the father of the scientist Leonard Hofstadter's father, played by Johnny Galecki, on "The Big Bang Theory".

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SIXTEEN years ago, Judd Hirsch won a Tony Award for his portrayal of Nat, an 81-year-old New York Jewish leftie who spends his days gabbing on a Central Park bench in Herb Gardner's Tony Award-winning play ''I'm Not Rappaport.'' Now Mr. Hirsch is...

If Leonard is 32 and his mother was 35 when he was born that would make her 67 now. IMO Hirsch would be believable playing someone that’s 70. That would only be a 3 year difference between them. Since you consider yourself an expert on the character of Beverly Hofstadter and her motivations for marriage, would that be an acceptable age difference?
I think Judd Hirsch is an excellent casting choice. A fine actor fully capable of playing someone younger than his actual age. It’s not like he’s a 40 year old actor playing a 20 year old character. At worst, it’s an 81 year old actor playing a character that’s around 70.