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Just Puppies Business Review in Towson, MD - Maryland BBB

Friendly Atmosphere – I just bought a Dachshund in June, 2009. I had been looking for a puppy for several months and then I saw this cute Dachshund (sable red). I can honestly say that I have been coming into the Just Puppies store (So. Orlando) for months before I decided on this puppy. I was always very please with the environment and the puppies always seem happy and well cared for. I purchase my Dacshund and except for the common Kennel Cough he seems to be healthy. They paid for the treatment of the Kennel Cough and we are totally in love with our new puppy.

They sell sick puppies from puppy mills!! – We bought our puppy, a peke-a-shon, from there 3 weeks ago and on the car ride home she was coughing and hacking. At her 48 hour vet visit they told us she had kennel cough, so they sent us home with 4 medications and we were struggling to get her to eat. Then a week later, we found out she also has Giardia,an intestinal parasite that can be passed to humans. Now I have to worry about my familys health. They gave us 3 more medicines. We've been taking her to the vet once a week and Just Puppies is paying for it for now, but it's hard seeing her sick and worrying will she get better or get my family sick. I googled her breeders name and found out she came from a known puppy mill and saw the official records where the breeder has numerous violations. I also called and spoke with the people at Just Puppies and they said kennel cough is VERY COMMON with they're puppies and so are the parasites and they still maintained they're puppies are healthy. My puppy is gorgeous, smart and sweet, but NOT HEALTHY. Take a look at Just Puppies REAL track record google petshoppuppies on the internet with breeders name, many puppys have been very sick, and even some died. IF YOU WANT A HEALTHY PUPPY THAT DOESN'T COME FROM A PUPPY MILL THEN DON'T BUY YOUR PUPPY HERE!!!!

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Just Puppies - Pet Store in Twinbrook - Foursquare

great place – I bought my papillon puppy there and couldn't be more happy with her. The store has open pens where the puppies can play and the staff was very nice and helpful. I had looked at puppies at SE Orlando Petland and was horrified by the sickly puppies, but he puppies they have at Just Puppies are very healthy and happy. My little girl was very easy to train and had no issues; I think caging them all of the time makes potty training harder so that would be another advantage to Just Puppies.

I highly recommend it and I will go there again when I get another puppy in the future.

Okay, well the Just Puppies I went to is obviously a puppy mill, if not then something is wrong with the breeder AND the owner. The dogs are (just like another reviewer said) walking in their poop, and some of them are just lying there, lethargic and like they don't care. I went up to the person working there and asked where she got the puppies, and I quote, she said: "Well, where do puppies come from? Oh, yeah, a breeder, DUH!" I was shocked. And then of course I couldn't help but mumble "I won't be coming HERE again......DUH!" anyways.....maybe if you got healthy puppies from there, that's great, but in the future, people, get from a respectable breeder where you can see the parents and talk to the actual breeder, and see the living area BEFORE buying. Or better yet, ADOPT, and don't shop! hmmm i just had an idea........although i doubt it would work! we could gather a group of people, people who bought puppies from there that got sick or died, people who have been told rude things there, ect. Then we can just confront them and just be like "How would you feel if you were stuck in a cage all day and you came from a place where other dogs were dying all around?" Whew i am just so mad! I mean, is it against the law to know where the puppies come from? I don't think so, knowing my dad is a lawyer. Is it against the law to tell them what we think? I don't think so, unless we somehow hit them or break the law, which does not include standing up for what's right. Anyways, it's just wrong and one day I'm gonna walk in there and shut them down for good! And save all those poor pups. :( Haha well i just had a little rant didn't I? Well the main thing is Just Puppies is a terrible place and if you're going to dissagree than I suggest having your eyes, ears, and IQ checked. Okay now I need to take my OWN two pups (who i might add came from a rescue shelter) on a walk!!