The Kamasutra is an ancient text on harmony.

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The Kamasutra is the guide of sex positions and pleasurable love making. The positions mentioned in the kamsutra teaches its readers how to have a healthy sex life by adding a little variety.

Kamasutra tips and positions though are erotic, can be hazardous at times. Here are five such tips and positions that the book suggests and can be a dangerous for you.

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Kama Sutra

This website contains some free drawings from the sex positions of Kama Sutra, to allow a better visualization of such ancient practice. Some of the sexual positions demand a certain physical fitness from their players, and so may work just as an example or a source of inspiration for a less complex sex position. The players may adjust the sexual positions accordingly to their preferences to develop new positions, so the ancient knowledge may inspire new techniques. With a bit of inclination and inventiveness, this guide will be the source of new and very pleasant sexual experiences.

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Kamasutra in Sanskrit is known as Vatsayan Kamasutra, which is an ancient Indian Hindu literature on human sexual behavior. In Hindi Kama means sexual pleasure and Sutra means a line or a thread which holds love, pleasure and life together. Here are the details about the history of Indian kamasutra, how to make love as mentioned in the ancient text, list of books written on it and the different types of poses.

Want to discuss Kamasutra with your partner to make the act even more pleasurable? Just communicate positive feelings before experimenting tips mentioned in the Kamasutra.