Kim Alexis is an American model and actress.

A Model for a Better Future


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Before becoming a cover girl, Kim Alexis earned her nickname as a competitive swimmer at her Lockport, New York, high school. "I was into swimming and sports," she says. "I just really wasn't into beauty. I didn't know much about fashion magazines."

Among the subjects she tackles are her years as a model and her decision to become a born-again Christian in 1990. She credits a nanny working for her at the time with inspiring her conversion. Alexis discusses this subject in her 1999 biography (cowritten with Jim Denney), "A Model for a Better Future," and has used her celebrity to promote her faith in a series of fitness CDs -- including "Praise Walk with Kim Alexis" -- which were first released in 1999 and feature Alexis narrating "a little bit of instruction."

Kim Alexis is an American model and actress...

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Kim Alexis has a high recognition in the marketplace, particularly among women in the 35-60 year old range. Having been featured in over 500 magazine covers, worked as a fashion correspondent on Good Morning America and appeared in countless commercials for companies such as Revlon, Gillette and many others, Kim is deeply etched in the consciousness of tens of millions of American ...

Kim Alexis (born November 14, ) is an who was active from 1987 to 1994. She was forced to change her name after being sued by the supermodel of the same name.