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When I get one, I feel like I “have permission” to spend money on myself. Seriously. If you gave me cash, I might feel like I need to go pay a bill. If you give me a Kindle gift card, I have no choice but to go spend it on something I want to read!

An Amazon Kindle Gift Card, is one of the best gifts to give this year due to its versatility and appeal to Kindle owners. The Amazon Kindle is revolutionizing the book and e-reader industry. With over a 40% market share the Amazon Kindle is dominating and with good cause. One of those reasons is the ease of which to buy e-books. The Kindle Gift Card is an ideal way to buy Kindle e-books for yourself, family or friends. In this article I will explain the different types of Kindle Gift Cards and how/where to purchase a Kindle Gift Card.

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As mentioned above a Kindle Gift Card can be purchased from Amazon’s website. Click the link below to be directly transferred to the gift card purchase page on the Amazon website:

The options that Amazon provides their customers when purchasing a Kindle Gift Card are amazing! You can truly personalize the gift card to make the recipient feel special.