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How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas 2013–2015: An Essential Guide for Every Kind of Divorce


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Maryland recognizes two kinds of divorce: limited and absolute. There are a number of significant differences between the two types and certain circumstances in which to file for one versus the other. The attorneys at the Mulinazzi Law Office can sit down with you to discuss which is best to file for under the facts for your particular case but in general:

The word Talaq originally meant "repudiation" or "rejection". In Muslim law, itmeans release from a marriage tie, immediately or eventually. In arestricted sense it means separation effected by the use ofcertain appropriate words by the husband and in a wide sense it meansall separations for causes originating from the husband. It is alsogeneric name for all kinds of divorce but it is particularly applied tothe repudiation by or on behalf of husband.

There are three types of divorce in Islam: 1

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Talaaqur Raj’ee (revocable divorce) 2

There’snot just one way to divorce. The differences can be in the law, like fault orno-fault, or in the way you and your spouse approach it, like uncontested,contested, or default. This article describes briefly the different kinds ofdivorce in general terms, with links to more information about some kinds ofdivorces.