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The King's Speech: Road to the Throne

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The Film Starring the ever charming George VI played by Colin Firth

Put your students into small groups and ask them to explain to each other what they know about the film The Kings Speech. Get feedback from each group after 5 minutes.

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, an opulent, government-owned period house in London, was used for the interiors of Buckingham Palace that the King walks through prior to making his speech and for the official photograph afterwards; it cost £20,000 a day to rent. The 1936 at , where swore an oath, was filmed in February in the Livery Hall of , after principal photography had been completed. The room, ornate and vast, met the occasion: the daunting nature of the new King's responsibilities was shown by surrounding him with rich detail, flags and royal portraiture.

Firth's nuanced brilliance is a thing of bruised beauty. Oscar-nominated last year for , he gives a towering performance that deserves a shower of awards. And Rush is his match, fiercely funny in the hilarious and heartfelt interactions between king and commoner. Lionel is a failed actor given to grand gestures, and Rush chows down on this feast of a role, jolting the movie to life. Firth plays the counterpoint, the blue blood bred to hold it all together. It's uproarious to watch Lionel prod Bertie to lose his cool, forcing him to sing out a symphony of shit-fuck-bugger-me swearring (all stammer-free). Luckily, this release takes place in Lionel's home, where his wife and children are unaware of the royal patient. The scene in which Lionel's wife, Myrtle (Jennifer Ehle), meets the king has a special poignancy, if you remember Ehle and Firth as lovers in TV's Pride and Prejudice.