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Kingdom Man: Every Man's Destiny, Every Woman's Dream


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Imagine what our homes, churches, communities, and nation would be like today if our men would take a lesson from the life of kingdom men like Shamgar. When a kingdom man steps out his door each day, heaven, earth and hell ought to take notice.

Shamgar saved the entire nation of Israel, and he did it as a farmer! God used Shamgar because he exemplified two of the greatest principles of being a kingdom man:

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Seantaneous More than 1 year ago
This is a great guide, spiritually and practically, about what it takes to be the best man you can possibly be. Tony Evans tells us there are plenty of males but not all of them are men. Many husbands wonder why so many wives are frustrated and this book tells us why. If you're not married, it will help you to that path. God designed men to be kingdom men, and in Kingdom Man you will learn a lot about what that means.

Download a free sample of Kingdom Man.

But while I can still reminisce over their baby smells and their tiny toes, I’m not super sad about watching my boys grow up. A wise “Kingdom woman” told me long ago to savor every season. And I did. Not perfectly of course, but I did make some memories cuddling, reading stories, and letting them soak in the tub until their fingers and toes were all wrinkled. And I look forward to savoring the season of watching these three boys turn into young men.

One kingdom man whom you may not have heard about is found in the Old Testament book of Judges. If a poll was taken of most people in church today, probably not even a quarter would recognize his name. This man didn’t get much airtime as compared to the likes of Samson, David, or Joshua. Yet the principles found in the two verses about him hold the potential to not only transform lives, but our world. Because, as you will see, it only took one real man named Shamgar to save the entire nation of Israel.