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LA Marzulli Watchers 8 Cloak of Secrecy [FULL VIDEO 2015]

This week’s episode of , the 30 minute radio program produced by the Christian Media Network, probes the work of False Prophet Lynn (LA) Marzulli. A writer, radio host, and prophecy conference speaker, LA Marzulli has authored multiple books, largely on the subject of Bible Prophecy. His literary and broadcast output emphasizes the Nephilim account, and Marzulli predicts they will return in the guise of extraterrestrials.

Fielding a regular blog, as well as his own radio program, Marzulli’s worldview is examined in the program, as this new episode of seeks to track how LA Marzulli carefully seeds the faulty Israel-First theology into the mindset of those interested in the ET phenomena. Like most Nephilim aficionados, Marzulli presents himself as on a mission to educate the church about the so called “coming deception.” In reality, the deception is already well underway, and Marzulli is a significant contributor to it.

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    LA Marzulli even tells the story of a vision he had of the so called “Rapture,” which shows the true depth of his deception. The truth is, lying signs and wonders, such as dreams and visions of the Rapture, would never be presented as truth by the LORD, when the doctrine is a direct contradiction to the plain teaching of Scripture. It is a fact the Rapture Cult originated as a lie hatched in the pit of Hell, and LA Marzulli is in it up to his eyeballs.

    In a riveting interview addressing the supernatural underpinnings of the rapidly developing world conflict, LA Marzulli opens up and discusses ideas from his current book and also his book-in-progress. Hold on to your hats, this is a wild ride, but there is hope in the end!