The Last Dragon Chronicles: The Fire Within

The Fire Ascending (Last Dragon Chronicles)


The Last Dragon Chronicles --- Chris D'Lacey

David, Zanna, Lucy, Alexa, and the Pennykettle dragons return, along with some new friends and enemies, to embark on their most dangerous, most thrilling, and most magical adventure yet. Bridging the magic of the first five books with the world and characters introduced in FIRE WORLD, this fiery and action-packed final installment of the Last Dragon Chronicles will have readers racing to the exciting conclusion.

He has since written over twenty children's books, including Pawnee Warrior (a sequel to Fly, Cherokee, Fly), a collaborative novel with fellow children's author Linda Newbery (From E To You), and the best-selling, award-winning The Last Dragon Chronicles. His books often contain environmental themes, and events based on things that have happened to him.

The Last Dragon Chronicles series by Chris d'Lacey

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The Dragon’s Den - The Last Dragon Chronicles

There is a certain apprehensivity that you can get leading up to the publication of a book you have been dying to read for ages, it seems. I’m sure you know what I mean. I think every book-lover has experienced this. I was, however, slightly more nervous before reading Fire World. I follow Chris d’Lacey’s blog and numerous times he has mentioned the fact that Fire World is set in a type of parrallel universe to the previous books in the Last Dragon Chronicles, albeit with the same essence of the characters. I was not certain what effect this would have. While I trust d’Lacey enough to know he couldn’t do a bad job, I was also not sure how good Fire World was going to be.

I love the last dragon chronicles and this was not what i was expecting, this is both good and bad. Good because it shows that Chris D' Lacey is an exceptionally good writer and can imagine out of the box. Bad because i really enjoyed the previous novels storyline.