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The Law In A Flash flashcard series is justifiably famous for helping law students prepare for their law school exams by both reinforcing legal principles via rote memorization and recall, as well as with the application of legal principles. Every Law In A Flash flashcard set contains hundreds of cards, each with a concise question on one side and an accurate answer on the flip side, that help you test your knowledge of the black letter law that you will need to know for your law school finals. These legal flashcard study aids are conveniently sized to allow you to study anywhere, at anytime.

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There are many possible classification schemes for legal flashcards. For example, a scheme may be developed to represent particular sub-disciplines, e.g. Contract Law or Tort. Another approach is to focus on the structure, composition and relationships between cards. In contrast to these approaches our flashcard classification scheme is influenced by different aspects of legal content being represented, the role the card may have in learning about the law, the capacity to include rich media and features of Web 2.0 technologies itself.

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