LEGO Discworld - a photoset by captainsmog on Flickriver"

Sator Square by zgrredek | Lego Discworld | Pinterest

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Maladict by zgrredek | Lego Discworld | Pinterest

I would very much like to thank anyone who posts about this project so please, spare a moment to comment on how you found out about Lego Discworld.

Now that Finnish builder Eero “Pate-keetongu” Okkonen has completed his LEGO Discworld characters (well, completed them , he happily admits), TBB asked him a few questions about the experience:

Leonard of Quirm 1 by zgrredek | Lego Discworld | Pinterest

Want to see an officail Lego Discworld set made

What's flat, plastic, and sits on the back of four elephants atop a turtle flying through the abyss of space? Lego Discworld, that's what, and it could be joining your collections after gaining 10,000 votes of support on the Ideas platform.

Would be nice to have the Lego Ideas Discworld be chosen as a sort of commemoration of his death. Arguably, most the other sets that are up for choosing have little meaning to them when compared to that set now.

Either way, haven't had the pleasure of knowing him personally and have not read most of his books, however seen some of the film adaptions and enjoyed them immensely.