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What's Your Best (Worst) Lemon Story? - Jalopnik

I started writing lemon fanfiction, really, because the lemon stories that I did see were all... crap. After a while of seeing the characters you like doing everything under the sun to each other, girl-girl scenes for no reason, the guys screwing every girl left, right and centre, no grammar and no story, you get sick of it. I knew that I could do better.

Can be used as a noun and an adjective interchangeably: "It's a Lemon story" and "It's a Lemon" are functionally equivalent. Those fond of Lemons refer to it as 'Lemony Goodness'. Surprisingly, the term is not automatically synonymous with "bad", or even "vulgar". Of course, somebody venturing into sex scenes for the first time may see a fic as a lemon, while a more experienced reader may consider it a .

What's Your Best (Worst) Lemon Story

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