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I paid 13.26 for a subscription and never received a paper. I asked for a full refund and only received 5.23.
I subscribed to the Lexington Herald Leader again after being assured that the delivery was under a new contract and was more reliable. I paid $13.26 on check 1284 on 3/24/16. I never received a paper and asked for a full refund. I only received $5.23 on 4/18. I called back and asked to be refunded the remainder of the balance of $8.03 on 4/22/16. I fell I should be refunded my full amount as the Leader did not provide the service I paid for. I should not be charged anything when they broke the contract by not providing the services/goods I trusted them to deliver.

Desired Settlement
All I want is if a person does not want a item they should only have to say 1 time is cancel it without being harass in any manor and I think I should get and apology letter from Lexington Herald leader for they way I was treated, I have been a loyal customer for a few years and to be treated like this I will never take the paper again.

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Business Response
Spoke with the customer last week regarding complaint and requested that the collections agency close the case and send confirmation to the customer. The balanced owed has been written off and our collections agency does not report to the credit bureau I have called the customer twice to check on the status of this request but have been unsuccessful.

Consumer Response
A representative from the Lexington Herald Leader contacted me regarding the filed complaint. She was very helpful, and all issues were addressed in a satisfactory manner. Thank you for your help in addressing the concerns outlined in the complaint.