Create your own reality, the unreality.Enter Liber Null.

Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic


Liber Null: Yeah, he would rave with us. He’d be the first guest.

Liber Null: The first Liber Null was at Shift Club Berlin in June 2013 and the character of the party was already there. It started with one floor and a very small line up. It started mainly as a music party to bring this kind of music into a club activity. To mix the Industrial, EBM and Minimal Wave Sounds with Techno and create a kind of darker, electronic, danceable music for the crowd. Instead of just following parties that are happening around the city we decided to do our own party – our own vision.

An interview! Liber Null is one of the most interesting event series around right now. Based in Berlin it has created a new aesthetic within the capitals clubbing culture. Dark and wavy, with references to the occult and obscure. More than just a party Liber Null creates an unique atmosphere that is also recognizable in it’s artworks and the theoretical concept of each happening. We talked to the three minds behind it; Manos, Thalia and Michał.

Liber Null: Liber Null is becoming more solid, more concrete.

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KALTBLUT: What differs Liber Null from other parties?

Liber Null: Yes. The name should represent an attitude that leads you. Liber Null is a heresy, it’s the black arts of magic. The dark aesthetic fits with the music but if you take it a bit further from Peter Carroll, you’ll see that Aleister Crowley was also talking about this religion and what really relates with the parties is the liberation that human can have – to create things out of himself. It’s not only about the heresy but also about the spiritual experience that this music can give if the participant or the listener is willing to join this ritual. We describe it as a ritual more than a party because of the mystical, ritualistic result. And also the way that it attracts people – in the end they are always a part of it.

KALTBLUT: How important is your personal aesthetic for the party and do you three always share the same aesthetic?

Liber Null: We all have pretty much the same aesthetic. We like the same things and even if we face new things then we still find the same way to express it. Even if our influences are not exactly the same they are very specific from one direction and every time we create something new, the background is one. That was important to us from the beginning: to maintain this one atmosphere and one aesthetic that will be recognizable. The music is strict and so are the graphics; the flyers that we produce, the identification we have. People know it’s Liber Null regardless of the fact that Liber Null has been changing it’s locations a lot. We’ve been changing clubs almost half of the times so far.