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The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel


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Waterloo has no shortage of restaurants but very few that are outstanding in their cuisine. Fortunately for us, Little Paris will please those who are looking for something exceptional in their plate. A true gastronomic experience but in a convivial and unpretentious setting. And the inventive chef takes a real interest in his dishes and in his customers' appreciation of...

If you are attending the Paris Prêt-a-porter Spring 2012 season, a must-have in your carry-on other than your iPad and smartphone is “My Little Paris,” a delicious little book that tells you the best Parisian secrets.

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VillaSyl 3 months ago
"Nina George tells us clever things about love, about reading that 'puts a bounce in your step,' about tango in Provence, and about truly good food. . . . One of those books that gets you thinking about whom you need to give it to as a gift even while you're still reading it, because it makes you happy and should be part of any well-stocked apothecary." —Hamburger Morgenpost (Germany) "A beautiful story of grief, companionship, forgiveness and building a life worth living; A vulnerable, relatable tale of great love and loss, missed opportunities and moving on, The Little Paris Bookshop is, like the books its main characters recommends, medicine for the wounded soul.”—Bookpage From this description of the book really had me interested. The book had a nice premise, a combination of Paris and a bookshop on a barge, which appealed to me. I was very disappointed in this book and felt it was a waste of time to read. The main character suggests just the right book for his customers to cure what ails them. I kept thinking that it would get better, but it never did. The story was about a man, who was having an affair with a married woman (who was not likable) who left and he became devastated which took him 20 years to get over it. None of the characters were interesting enough to care about them. The main character talked too much to himself which made the story tedious and seemed to take forever to get to the point. Again I don’t understand why some people raved about this book. The concept of the floating literary apothecary was appealing and romantic, but the bottom line: Not what I was expecting or really in the mood for. If the story was told in a different voice it might have suited me better. It had a fine literary beginning but then fell flat; much of the middle was dull and rather tiresome to read, a bit sad because I really wanted to like this book about books. I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for my review

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The Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel Khoo’s classic French recipes with a fresh and simple approach. It starts with Rachel’s story of pursuing her dream of studying patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and welcomes us into her tiny Paris Kitchen. Yes there are even pictures of her actual Paris kitchen.

Jim Fleming reads from "The Little Paris Bookshop" by Nina George. The bookseller who owns “The Literary Apothecary” has a unique talent. He can sense his customers’ troubles and prescribe just the right book to cure them. But can he cure himself?