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Why wasn’t Miranda in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"?

The character of Lizzie continues to be merchandised by Disney, especially through a large set of books, which include novelizations of the episodes, original Nancy Drew-style mystery stories in the Lizzie McGuire Mysteries series, and "Cine-manga" pictorial adaptations (published by TOKYOPOP) with still shots from the show presented in manga style. A Lizzie McGuire Celebrity doll|doll was even released in 2002 by Dakin Toys. The 10" doll featured many of Lizzie's outfits for the doll. A plush doll of the Cartoon Lizzie was also made by Dakin in 2002. Fortune magazine estimated in 2003 that "Lizzie McGuire" merchandise had earned the Walt Disney Co. nearly $100 million. Radio Disney continually promotes Lizzie McGuire and regularly (although not as often as when the show was still running) gives away the show's CD in giveaways.

There is also a Lizzie McGuire bedroom set offered by some furniture stores as one of several Disney-themed children's bedrooms, and a board game where players must judge Lizzie's likely response to various situations. Three video games have been released for the Game Boy Advance: (2003), (2004), and (2005). Both seasons of Lizzie McGuire are now available on iTunes.

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    A decade after her hit Disney show came to an end, the actress, artist and celebrity mom has confirmed to HuffPost Entertainment that she'd be down for a "Lizzie McGuire" reunion.

    Overall, the soundtrack's perky, upbeat songs fare better than the somewhat drippy ballads -- 's "The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)," ' "All Around the World" (which was co-produced by 's ), and 's "Shining Star" have the weightless sweetness of the best teen pop, along with a slightly hip edge. 's cover of the Italian pop classic "Volare" works better in theory than it does in practice; while she has the pipes to make the song work, the pounding rhythm on this version robs the melody of almost all of its swing. Similarly, 's cover of "Supermodel" pales in comparison to 's original; it's unclear whether or not his/her version didn't appear because of licensing costs or because Disney didn't want to include a song by a drag queen on the soundtrack to a family film. The slower tracks, like Paolo & Isabella's "What Dreams Are Made Of (Ballad Version)" and 's "Open Your Eyes (To Love)" just don't have any of the funky sense of fun or sensitivity that makes Lizzie McGuire so popular; they're sappy instead of moving. Overall, is a fun but not especially memorable soundtrack; the soundtrack to the TV show captures the sweet giddiness of its heroine better, but most Lizzie fans won't be too disappointed by this album.