Lone Survivor' hits home and hits hard.

Lone Survivor

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Wallpaper from the movie Lone Survivor.

The scene was depicted in the 2013 movie “Lone Survivor.” Luttrell was also a friend of Chris Kyle, the subject of ,” and went through sniper training with him.

Since the story was first reported by CBS News, some have noted that Gulab visited America before, and have questioned why he did not apply for asylum then if his life is at such risk. Gulab visted once in 2010 when Luttrell paid for a round-trip ticket so that he could come visit, and again in 2013 when Universal Studios paid for him to come to the premiere of “Lone Survivor,” which features him saving Luttrell.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are reviews making an issue of Luttrell's political statements in his book.  Although his opinions may be harsh they exist for a reason.  It's easy to understand why Luttrell doesn't sympathize with liberals.  Simply put, the decision made during Operation Red Wing that cost SEALs their lives was done out of a legitimate fear of a very liberal and hostile media. No one wants to die in prison for doing their job. Luttrell has every right to go off a bit when writing his own book about a famous mission he alone survived.  I'd cut him a little slack.  I believe he earned it.

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Texas Tech University is also set to present the "Lone Survivor Game" this Saturday when the Red Raiders take on the Kansas State Wildcats at Jones AT&T Stadium. The game seeks to put a national spotlight on the Lone Survivor Foundation and pay tribute to our nation's veterans as well as the active duty personnel of the United States military. In addition, Texas Tech will host more than 400 Purple Heart recipients and their families, marking the biggest gathering of its kind in our country's history.

‘Lone Survivor,’ based on the bestselling book by Marcus Luttrell, is in theaters everywhere this weekend. (Photo: ‘Lone Survivor’ Official Trailer)