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Los Angeles newspaper articles have played a pivotal role in the sharing of the the news throughout the history of the United States, containing information about our ancestors that simply can't be found anywhere else. Our Los Angeles newspaper archive lets individuals read those first hand accounts as our expansive online collection is packed with historic newspapers from 27 cities in California including Los Angeles, and much more!

Find Los Angeles newspaper articles that tell the story of your ancestor's lives as they lived it and watch your family history unfold as never before.

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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Los Angeles newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in Los Angeles newspapers.

Los Angeles newspapers may have faded a bit from their prominence in decades past thanks to the dramatic shift in the way consumers get their information, but they are still a staple news source that many turn to every day. The different papers published in the city all report the same news but each offers its own perspective on the happenings of the day, establishing its own distinctive voice and gearing its readership toward a particular demographic.