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Deco Art Metallic Lustre Wax Finish, 1 oz, Rose Gold

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Lustre finish is glossy, but it also has a special texture that qualifies it to be called Lustre. This texture reminds one of the surface feel of a natural pearl. If you want to give this subtle texture to your photos, do not forget to order this finish. You get what can be roughly classified as an in between of the glossy and matte position. This is because you get the best of the two worlds, both the shininess of the glossy paper, as well as slight roughness of the matte paper. There is much less glare in Lustre making it suitable for framing your photos and hanging them in a room. There is a great color , and the contrast is also high. What is great is that this finish does not allow fingerprints easily as it resists smudges.

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  • Water-based sealer, glue and finish
  • Gloss Lustre finish
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236
  • Made in USA

Lustre: Lustre resists fingerprints..

You are sometimes surprised to see your own image in photos if there is a difference in the finish of the two batches of . This difference is striking when one batch has been done in Lustre finish while the other is completed on a glossy finish. People often confuse between the two types of finishes because of some of their similarities. However, there are also differences that should be kept in mind while ordering a reproduction of photos from negatives from a digital photographic service.

Ensure that your photos look their best and capture those special moments by choosing Nations Photo Lab's Lustre photo finishing. Lustre provides the perfect finish, providing excellent quality without the added glare of glossy.