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So what goes in to great ? After messing up my first Maid of Honor speech, I vowed to do the next one much better(if anyone would have me). The more examples I saw (and read), it seemed like the best had a good mixture of humor, honesty and emotion. None of those wedding speeches were boring, so I wanted mine to be entertaining too.

Just remember, if you are making the maid of honor speech, then they are already married and it will be too late. Maybe, just maybe however …he IS just a jerk, period.

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You have so many duties the day of your best friend’s wedding. You don’t want to be burdened with a speech that just doesn’t say what you really want it to. Let me help you write and give the prefect maid of honor speech.

Knowing your speech is perfectly prepared will let you stay focused on supporting the bride on one of the most important days of her life – especially if she’s completely irrational.

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and get your bonuses and the peace of mind to be at your best in your role as maid of honor.

Exclusive Maid of Honor Speech Pack

A Step by Step Guide on writing you own unique Maid of Honor Speech. With the help of this comprehensive and easy to follow guide you can write your own Maid of Honor Speech, just like a professional speech writer would write. The guide will help you learn the hidden fortune of the thought process of that pro writers use. With these writing strategies on hand you will master the art of writing – not only a speech but just about anything in life – forever

How much? A drop-dead bargain. My non-negotiable fee for private “workshop” lessons is a minimum $ 1,000 for each 2 hour session. What you get in this exclusive maid of honor speech package is worth $ 1,500 in private lessons – it’s packed with all the tricks, tactics, tips and shortcuts that I have learned from 10 years at the top of speech scene.