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Love Mama Dips! Some improvements necessary :) – I have been to Mama Dips for the past two mother's day. The first, I brought my mother and the second I brought my mother and father in-law. My mother, which is great southern cook herself, thought that the meal was ok. My Mother-in-Law thought the meal was great and we saw Mama Dip on that visit. My view is that the food is Southern and with Southern food its like a snow flake always different. So if you are use to Southern Food then you might like it you might think its just ok, but either way the food is good. If your use to contemporary resturants then this isn't the place. Very Southern styled and sometimes that is perfect! I enjoyed both times that I came. I'm hoping that someone at Mama Dips start seeking improvement advise from the customers. The place is to special to let some little annoyances drive people away

Disappointing – In the past we have been fans of Mama Dips. We had dinner there last night and what a waste of time and money. The food was not good and the cost was too high. On top of that, the service wasn't good. What a disappointment to see this place go down hill. We won't be back.

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    Mama dips a great place to eat some of the best fresh food. I have eated how some one could say bad food bad service an high prices someone would have be crazy or must have been eating with pigs all his or her life mama dips feeds thousand of hungry people every. Month I will always be a cutomer

    Very dissatisfied – I really hate to bust your bubbles but I alone with 6 of my co workers went to Mama Dips a couple of weeks ago and I was appalled at the service. The attitudes of the waitress as well as the young lady who I understand is her daughter was unbelievable. I was a little concerned about how I was charged ($9.95 for two drumsticks and two sides) and I was told by the cashier (daughter of owner) and I quote "WELL WE HAVE PEOPLE COME IN HERE AND PAY MORE THAN THAT" I could not believe that she said that. What have we become when we do not care how we treat people because we can get someone else to pay us more?????????? I am totally discouraged from ever visitng this place again!!!!As a young high school student I freguented this place long before they became soooo FAMOUS!! Can you imagine being the only african american with 5 of your white co workers(who might I remind you loved this place and we went @ twice a month from Durham)and being treated like your money does not matter??? The people on this bolg who "LOVES: this place either can NOT cook or have not been introduced to REAL homecooking???? (SAD)