Man Eating Leopard Devours 15 Villager in Nepal - YouTube

The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag (Oxford India Paperbacks)


Man Eating Leopard Devours 15 Villager in Nepal

Then there is the will you speechless “Trophy room” with heads of animals peeking at you from every corner- a display of man’s paramount power on one hand but misplaced machismo on another. Suddenly the unforgivable man eating leopardess could not look more forgivable.

I couldn’t feel more proud and privileged to know my cousin, the star of the story, up close and personal. Her outdoorsy life in the wild was enviable. So the moment on a casual family visit when she wondered aloud “Would you like to come see the trail of…”, I jumped with a resounding “Yes”!!! before she could even complete her thought. Afterall, how often does one get to be at the centre of a crime scene, privy to every detail. The man eating leopardess may have been caught but it would be an adventure to trace its tracks and maybe catch a glimpse of the other leopards still at large in the area.

Hunters appointed to kill man eating leopards

The Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag ( Paperback )
By Jim Corbett
Publisher : Oxford University Press
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Man Eating Leopard Caught After Three Months in Tamil Nadu

It is one of the well documented stories ever written on the subject bythe author and the hunter Jim Corbett who went after the man eatingleopard of Rudraprayag in the year 1925-26. He was accompanied by theCommissioner of Kumaon, Sir William Ibbotson. Both men worked so hard,day and night following this animal, which according to the documents,killed 125 people. Corbett was a 50 year old bachelor, very much incontrol, a tall (just over 6 feet)seasoned hunter and sporting histrademark mustache during this period, while Ibbotson was short (about5'6"), clean-shaven and married to Jean.

My cousin, Shailaja Deval, who is the District Forest Officer at Dungarpur, Rajasthan had caught a man eating leopardess. It was a fearless, gargantuan task that took months of relentless chasing, stalking and strategizing with a large forest department team. Given that the leopardess ruthlessly killed several tribal kids and a grown woman, the pressure to capture the errant cat was immense. That it was finally ingeniously achieved by a lady officer of course made headlines.