Man Eating Lions Terrifying Documentary ..

The Lions of Tsavo : Exploring the Legacy of Africa's Notorious Man-Eaters


Man Eating Lions Terrifying Documentary

When you hear the phrase “Man Eating Lions,” you may think of the legendary Lions of Tsavo, a pair of rogue male lions who gained notoriety in 1898 for killing and eating scores of workers attempting to build a railway bridge across the Tsavo River in southeastern Kenya. Some historians estimate that the two lions killed more than 135 workers during a nine-month period before they were finally tracked down and shot by the British engineer in charge of the bridge, Lt. Col. John H. Patterson. Although the attacks by the Lions of Tsavo were surely unusual, most people believe that this is simply what happens when human beings encounter the King of Beasts. Perhaps it is this very danger that causes some people to feel powerful by petting, killing, or eating lions.

Tsavo River Bridge under construction. Battle between Col Patterson and the man eating lions occurred both here and during the bridge building. Amazing story with a pretty good retelling in the movie, "The Ghost and the Darkness"

The Man Eating Lions Of Tsavo Kenya

Man eating lions - wildlife, fight versus vs

It is just about universally accepted that man eating lions (or, in this case, woman eating lions) is just inherently wrong. It happens only because a majority of the public is either ignorant if the situation or apathetic. These magnificent creatures will continue to be bred, used, abused, discarded, shot, and served up in restaurants unless YOU speak up for them.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife, Jamaal Ahmed Khan the main reason for the emergence of these man eating lions is the increase in population at the park which has forced some of the lions to go beyond their traditional habitat.