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This collection of small business management books will help you to focus, leverage and manage all of the tasks, teams and personalities that are a part of your business and your life. We’ve included the publication date and the Twitter handles of each author, too:

Managing time is a hot topic, as none of us seem to have too much of it. There are thousands of books about time management, and many of them seem geared towards corporate business types. As a busy homeschooling//mom of twelve, I consider myself a lifelong student of managing time and life. I’ve read a fair amount of books on topics such as time management, organization and productivity. There are a select few that I’ve read more than once. They’re not exactly bestsellers, but they contain some nuggets of wisdom. Here are a few of the best time management books you’ve never heard of:

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  • The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager
  • 3 Smartsheet Shortcuts You Didn't Know
  • Project Management Basics Not to be Overlooked
  • Using Google and Smartsheet
  • Top 10 Project Management Books

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The Management Book speaks directly to this issue. Richard Newton believes that if managers can master basic skills and overcome common issues, then business can focus on growth and is far more likely to be effective in doing so.