Mandala Yoga Mat The Original 6 Ft Round Mat™

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Mandala Yoga Mat: Why Should You Have Your Own Round Mat?

When people ask me why it’s so special practicing on a six ft round mat, my first response is “to experience the freedom of movement.” But it is not just the size, it is also the shape of the mat. A circle, or Mandala, is more than merely a shape. It represents wholeness, with no beginning or end, no sharp corners, a continuous flow. On the Mandala Yoga Mat you feel no confinement or borders. It is not a mat just for exercise, it is a mat to be creative on and enhance your yoga practice.

Anahata (Heart) Chakra is the centre of compassion which awakens through yoga. This is the chosen symbol for Mandala Yoga Ashram as we feel it to be the most important quality needed in the present era.

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andala Yoga Ashram is an internationally renowned centre of yogic knowledge. It is dedicated to presenting yogic science, including meditation, to those who are seriously looking to awaken joy and develop harmony and depth in their life. Mandala Yoga Ashram is an independent institution which is not affiliated to any religious beliefs or sects; it is only concerned with awakening the intelligence and potential which exists innate in each human being. It is one of the few authentic ashrams outside of India.

Mandala Yoga and Ayurveda Center, which includes the Mandala Yoga Center and the Mandala Ayurveda & Healing Arts (MAHA), is located in Amagansett, NY. The Yoga Center is located in Amagansett Square, at 156 Main Street, and MAHA is located at 249 Main Street, on the north side of Montauk Highway, just past Amagansett Library, towards the back.