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The 6-inch and 25-inch OS maps of all Ireland can be viewed free on the's ; the 6-inch maps forNorthern Ireland only can be viewed on the . All County Series maps of Great Britain at 25-inch and 6-inchto the mile scales published between 1843 and 1939 are available to those in UKhigher education online at . The 6-inch scale maps of England, Scotland and Wales (1846-99) are also online at and . The latteralso has a range of mapsincluding large scale maps of Scottish towns (1847-95), (1893-1896), and the 25-in to the mile maps of all inhabited areas ofScotland. makes available large-scale maps of Birmingham, Cardiff, Chester,Chichester, Colchester, Coventry, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lichfield,Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Southampton,Winchester, Worcester, York and much of central London.

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Maps of England - Counties, Regions, Towns & Cities

Maps of Great Britain by de Vaugondy:

GILLES ROBERT DE VAUGONDY 1688-1766 The Robert de Vaugondys were descended from the Nicolas Sanson family through Sanson's grandson, Pierre Moulard-Sanson; from him they inherited much of Sanson's cartographic material  which they combined with maps and plates acquired after Hubert Jaillot's death in 1712 to form the basis for a very beautifully produced Atlas Universel . The old material was much revised and corrected with the addition of many new place names.  The elder Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, is also known as Le Sieur or  Monsieur Robert.

Carte du Royaume de L'Angleterre.   1747  Robert de Vaugondy in Atlas Universel 

Great Britain.   1748  Robert de Vaugondy in Atlas Portraitif

Isles Britanniques . 1750   Robert de Vaugondy

Le Royaume D'Angleterre...  1753  Robert Vaugondy sr.

Carte des Grandes Routes D'Angleterre, D'Ecosse et D'Irlande  1757  Robert Vaugondy sr.

England and Wales.   1764  Robert de Vaugondy

Angleterre.  1778  Robert de Vaugondy

Les Isles Britanniques.  1778  Robert de Vaugondy

Angleterre.   1790  Robert de Vaugondy

Maps of England and the United Kingdom

This is the most comprehensive and artistically successful of four maps of Great Britain drawn by the 13th-century historian Matthew Paris, who was a monk at St Alban’s Abbey. Many geographical features are recognisable. His are the earliest surviving maps with such a high level of detail. They stand out in the history of medieval mapmaking as the first attempts to portray the actual physical appearance of the country rather than represent the relationship between places in simple schematic diagrams.