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I have a challenge. I want to put my marriage puzzle together but there are challenges and obstacles that constantly come up week after week day after day, argument after argument. I married a man who is 20 yrs older than me, so my husband speaks very coldy towards me. When I ask him about something he just shouts at me. When I advise him on any matter he says I’m controlling.

Cindy and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that without Jesus Christ at the center of our marriage our marriage puzzle would be a mess today. As we begin a new year, let’s determine that with God’s help our marriage puzzles will begin to reflect His perfect picture. If you would like more help on how to do this, we have many articles and resources on our web site that you can share with others.

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We believe so strongly in what David Maitland shared because we’ve seen it work in our own lives. But maybe after reading this you are thinking today, “That may work for most couples, but my marriage is way beyond putting the pieces of the puzzle back together again. There are too many missing pieces (from harsh words, abuse, unfaithfulness, etc) to ever be able to make our marriage puzzle into a beautiful picture.” If that’s you, read on:

I also realized a number of years ago that Cindy and I had a tendency to try and make our lives fit together in ways that God never intended. We would try over and over again to get the other to conform to our idea of how the marriage puzzle should fit together, but in the end it came out a mess rather than the beautiful “picture of marriage” God wanted.