The Martian Chronicles (Classic book)

The Martian Chronicles


This round focuses on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles.

B7 Media and Big Finish are delighted to announce a special release of B7 Media’s acclaimed dramatization for Radio 4 of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles this December.

In stories like this, there’s a whole lot of sadness both on the sides of the colonizers and the ones who are being colonized. Among other things, The Martian Chronicles is good because Bradbury deals with the situation of both the colonizers and the colonized (meanwhile shamelessly and wonderfully abusing your empathy and sensitivity): in the first couple of stories, which deal with the first unsuccessful Martian expeditions, it’s obvious that he takes the sides of the Martian natives and he depicts them as „positive” characters, and I honestly wish them all the success in their attempts to save their civilization, and I wish they would be strong and resourceful enough to get rid of all those strange, loud, aggressive, ridiculously self-absorbed earthlings who happens to land on their planet.

The Martian Chronicles (Classic book)

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    Big Finish Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery said “The Martian Chronicles is a legendary sci-fi book, which has been turned into a fantastic award winning production by Andrew and his team at B7 Media – I’m delighted that Big Finish will be able to bring this classic story to a wider audience around the world”.

    It’s clear that Bradbury had issues with racism, the atomic age, imperialism and other hot issues of the day. The Martian Chronicles was his outlet to communicate those fears, and he does so quite effectively with this collection of parables.