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Today I am inquiring about Mary Sturlaugson Eyer

A Soul So Rebellious

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Author - Mary Sturlaugson Eyer - Deseret Book

Reflection of a soul

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He Restoreth My Soul

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He Restoreth My Soul

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I read two of Mary Sturlaugson Eyers books for the first time recently, and was also impressed and inspired by her faith and unconditional love. I will definately pick up the third. My favorite passage:”…I knew that when enough of you, who already had that blessing in your lives, became so concerned and full of love for your black brothers and sisters that you went down on your knees and made your cries of love and concern known to our Father in Heaven, the doors would open.” –He Restoreth My Soul–p.58
Reminds me of how important it is for all of us to share one anothers’ burdens, and pray for one another, and backs up what Blake said about we as church members being accountable for racial attitudes.

Great post, I didn’t know anything about Mary Sturlaugson Eyer, she sounds amazing. I laughed out loud at the “playing basketball in the pre-existence” line. Possibly the dumbest explanation I have ever heard. The standard folklore was already racist, but this person managed to work in yet another racial stereotype on top of everything else. Simply amazing. Seriously, what could SNL add to that to make it any more ridiculous.

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Sure. [Recorder is turned off and then back on.] Oh okay so the name of these two books here is He Restoreth My Soul by Mary Sturlaugson Eyer. The other book is Reflection of a Soul also by Mary Sturlaugson Eyer. Okay so I'm going to have to look into those books. Well, I guess this ends our conversation. I just wanted to know if maybe you had some questions that you wanted to ask me. I think I've pretty much asked most of the

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questions that I had in mind to talk about and things that I was just curious about. But wanted to know if maybe there was something that you wanted to talk about that I hadn't asked you a question about or there was just something else that you wanted to talk more about.

mary sturlaugson eyer - what a total inspiration to me

I want to know what happen to Mary Sturlaugson Eyer the author of A Soul So Rebellious, I wanted to know what happen to her, is she still alive, I know she had a daughter, what happen to her and her husband John Eyer. I love her books went to a lot trying to get them because I want to share them with my children, if anyone has any information please let me know.

mary sturlaugson eyer - what a total inspiration to me! This book gave me Chills and then I lent it to everyone who wanted to read it! What an incredible story of overcoming racism, both against her and her against white people... a story of true love, through Heavenly Father.