Bobby Jones' Caddy(as Matthew Lanter)

10+ pics inside of Matt Lanter, Angela Stacy, and more….

Fallen Idols

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Matt Lanter. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Matt Lanter club.

Dial M for Monica

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Matt Lanter is on the new 90210. Do we know anything about him? Gay? Really cute. Not a bad actor.

One Giant Leap

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Liars All

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Omg, R18. Matt Lanter is the hottest hottie who ever hotted!

r411, I don't doubt it. I just find it amazing that Matt Lanter, a bit actor on a mediocre CW show, actually has a "team" scouring the web to eliminate the infamous Dudetube pics. They're out there thanks to Matt himself (first entry on a Google search). They're not going away. He can't have take-backsies.

Just noticed the other day that his webcam images were posted in the 'Matt Lanter' tag on tumblr, and then conveniently disappeared earlier today. In fact, the whole blog that posted them, it seems, is gone. It's the second time that's happened on tumblr.

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Matt Lanter is sexy
Matt Lanter♥
Matt Lanter♥
Matt Lanter♥

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Matt Lanter at the premiere of his movie in NYC - does anyone notice that as you look through his red carpet pics, when the "fiance" is photographed with him, she always poses the same with her hand on his stomach, the hand with the big ole' ring right there for everyone to see. Like it's perfectly posed...

If you look at his "fiance's" twitter...it's so public about her relationship with "the love of her life @mattlanter"... like the everything she does is with him, about him...like it's on display like she's won so some of great prize. Everything is referred to as the Lanter "household". Her Instagram is described as the "future Mrs. Lanter"...