Matthew McConaughey is Wild Turkey’s new creative director

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5. If pursuing acting, consider being Matthew McConaughey.

A few years ago, reached out to Matthew McConaughey. They wanted him to be the face of an upcoming campaign—a smiling face sipping a glass in a print ad. But McConaughey isn't your average celebrity. So he had plans beyond the average celebrity endorsement. The Oscar winner, musician, Southerner and self-described whiskey lover didn't want to simply pitch the product. He wanted to get involved. Really involved. He's now the creative director for Wild Turkey bourbon. And one of his first orders of business was to fly down to Kentucky for a tour and plenty of tasting (including a nip from a stash that was bottled before Prohibition). The end result is a short film that's peak McConaughey and plenty entertaining. Cheers.

Much as Matthew Mcconaughey may want to argue that his hair growth has been aided by a substance known as Regenix , this is certainly a lie. Otherwise, all the bald men would make an effort and buy this tropical product, and baldness would be a gone thing. What makes him so unique that the product only works for him and no other men?

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On Sunday night, March 2, Matthew McConaughey was picking up his first Oscar. But nearly 30 years ago, he was just another high schooler going to prom.

It is, therefore, an assertion that Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant is real and that that is the only explanation as to how he has managed to regain the hairs on his forehead.