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Sleeping Beastly: And Other tales from Maynard Moose


Title: Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs: A Maynard Moose Tale

By the late 1960's, Willy had turned to teaching and discovered his talent for creative curriculum design. As a classroom teacher during the 1970's, he developed his major puppet characters: Maynard Moose, Boring Beaver, Socklops, and Gorf (Master Flyswatter Percussionist).

The above photo (click to enlarge) was taken during an overflight to monitor conditions on the Yukon River, 12 miles downriver from Galena. U.S. Fish and Wildlife pilot Brad Scotton watched as Maynard floated down the Yukon River on an ever shrinking sheet of ice. Unfortunately, Scotton had to turn back and so we're left to wonder if Maynard the Moose made it off the ice or not. They're pretty adept at swimming so we'll hope Maynard made it to shore and is now working his way home.

Characters: Maynard Moose; The Seven Dwarfs; Rapunzel

The Bully Goat Grim: A Maynard Moose Tale

Maynard Moose - Willy Claflin Storyteller

This hilarious Maynard Moose tale as retold by master storyteller Willy Claflin takes us on another whimsical journey with the misadventures of a Bully Goat who suffers from Random Hostility Syndrome. The Bully Goat clashes with a three headed troll “fambly” and is undone by a baby girl troll when she suddenly realizes that, “…everybody

Willy Claflin became an instant success at the twenty-ninth annual National Storytelling Festival, completing a meteoric rise to fame over about thirty years. He is an accomplished songwriter, guitarist, and singer, as well as a teller of original and traditional tales of audiences coast-to-coast. James Stimson lives in northern California. He has worked in feature film animation, notably James and the Giant Peach, and is the author and illustrator of Thirteen O'Clock as well as the first two Maynard Moose Tales. This reclusive artist is believed to be a large hairy biped with enormous feet.