After all, it is the members who make the division!

Gee, wonder who’s my favourite member.

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15 July 2011, everyone. Remember the date.

We strive to provide social networking events throughout the year designed to allow you to build relationships with your peers. Strong member relationships mean trust that results in meaningful partnerships!

Actionability: At the very least, you should know what percentage of your traffic is from members. Then you can adjust your membership conversion rate accordingly. You can also start to dig deeper into what your members really like. What type of marketing do they respond to. The most advanced thing you can do is join the Google Analytics data with other information from your membership DB, like preference information, demographics, etc.

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And don’t forget to delete the custom variable if the visitor cancels their membership. You can delete a custom variable using the following code:

Another piece of membership information that’s useful for analysis is the date the person became a member. I call this membership date. Creative, huh :)