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Male Sexual Fantasies and Masturbation | Psychology Today

Though no longer airing on television, some men still fantasize about working on the set of Baywatch, so that they can have sex with a bouncy beach babe.

1. Boss and Employee Fantasy
Fifty-six percent of women and 61 percent of men have sexual fantasies about getting it on with co-workers in their office. So why not dress up in your work attire, get behind the desk, and re-create the hot new hookup scenario that's been on your mind? The allure of having sex with a coworker, especially your boss, has to do with gaining power. And that’s hot.

Male Sexual Fantasies and Masturbation

What do males fantasize about while masturbating

Men also fantasize about getting a woman alone, so they can have the opportunity to seduce her with their manimal magnetism. There are not too many places where you can just encase a sexy women in a shoebox, so thank technology for the practical, yet always effective, elevator.

Men are usually the big ruffians in bed. But men sexually fantasize about times when they would end up in bed with a woman who will bind him to the bed with handcuffs and rip his clothes off and totally, completely dominate him. It might be an ego crusher, but her aggression comes from her attraction for him, right? She desires him and wants him, so it’s all cool and sexy. Bring it on! Having a controlling partner is just what a man needs once in a while.