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In Fuentes’ application, U.S. authorities say that even though he had been deemed ineligible for an entry permit for being a member of a banned organization in the early 1960s, an apparent reference to the Mexican Communist Party, he should be given a visa to go to Harvard because he is an “outstanding 20th Century Mexican author.”

For this Humanosphere podcast, we talk with Mexican author and journalist Juan Villoro, who is noted for his wide-ranging interests from soccer (futbol!), pop music and Mayan culture to children’s fairy tales, television soap operas and politics.

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  • Fuentes' doctor says the author suffered a massive hemorrhage before he died
  • Los Angeles mayor: "The impact of his intellect and activism will not be forgotten"
  • Calderon: "I deeply regret the passing of our beloved and admired Carlos Fuentes"
  • The Mexican author won numerous literary awards

José Emilio Pacheco, Mexican Author, Dies at 74

The and the closely monitored Mexican author Carlos Fuentes for more than two decades because he was considered a communist and a sympathizer of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, recently released documents show.

The literature of Mexico is internationally renowned and prolific, with inspirational Mexican authors such as Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo and Octavio Paz, the country's strong literary tradition is still very much celebrated today.