The Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Alive? Is Michael Jackson Really Dead


Michael Jackson Conspiracy – Aphrodite Jones

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Michael Jackson Conspiracy (New Edition) is the only full account of the phenomenon that was "the Michael Jackson trial." Providing vivid details that people never saw in the news, Jones describes the accuser and his family as a band of grifters, a group of gold-diggers, who were looking for a payday in Hollywood . An intense account of what really happened in the Santa Maria courtroom, the author reveals the sham behind the allegations of accuser Gavin Arvizo, who had also "targeted" other celebrities like Chris Tucker, Jay Leno, and George Lopez, before landing the biggest fish of all: Michael Jackson. The book exposes, undeniably, why the jury found Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY on all counts, and how a media frenzy ignored the actual evidence, opting instead for ratings and sensationalism, at the expense Jackson's reputation.

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Do not miss reading this book!!! It will be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. "If you want the real truth." The author tells that she wanted to publish the truth. This is why I decided to buy and read her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy. I am so glad I did. You make your own oppinions and decide what is before you as to whether Michael Jackson is guilty or not. I have a deeper respect for the writer telling it like it was, not what she wanted you to think. The Truth will set you free. Now after reading this book I can defend my reasons as to what I believe and why I believe it. Others do not agree with me, but they have not read this book or are willing to read it. In my heart I have always thought Michael Jackson could not be guilty but realized that I could be wrong. Now I really know how I feel. You will not want to put this book down to sleep at night. You owe it to yourself to find out what really went on inside that court room. We could not help Michael Jackson while he was alive but we can defend him after his death. By the way, I live in the South and I am not Black.

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So, if you want the truth about Michael Jackson, how he has become a target for liars who want to become instant millionaires, and the victim of a media that promotes and prefers lies, read "Michael Jackson Conspiracy".