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Microsoft word is a word processor developed by microsoft. it was first released on october 25, 1983 under the name multi-tool word for xenix systems.. Microsoft has released an update to microsoft office word 2007. this update also contains stability and performance improvements..

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From microsoft: microsoft office word 2007 update is an update to microsoft office word 2007. generally, customers who purchase or license word 2007 from microsoft. Find training and tutorials for office 365 and office apps, including outlook, onenote, word, excel, powerpoint, skype for business, and more!. Help for all office apps. set up your office 365 subscription. find how-to articles and video tutorials. contact our answer techs for assisted support..

Compatible with documents created in Microsoft Office Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Word 97