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Man on the Moon Director: Milos Forman

In 2007, Milos Forman returned to work in Prague. Forman staged a jazz opera called Dobre placena prochazka (The Walk Worthwhile) (2007) with his sons Petr and Matej at the National Theatre. He raved about working with his sons: “Yes, we did argue, but about the details only. Someone must be the one who has got the last word, and I guess it was respect, which had won. But respect from both sides, I have to say. They were a little bit afraid of their father, of course, as they had remembered me with the switch still, but I did respect them as well – they are experienced theatre makers and have a wonderful imagination. The advantage was we were three to argue. Two had always united against the third one, no stale mate situation ever happened.”

That year Forman shot his first feature film Cerný Petr (Black Peter, 1963). The screenplay was based on a short story by Jaroslav Papousek. After the film won the International Film Festival in Locarno, Milos Forman was able to visit the USA for the first time. However, it was his next film, Lasky jedné plavovlasky (Loves of a Blonde) (1965) that sparked his international career. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

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Milos Forman left documentaries behind early on. Or did he?

Czechoslovakian-born Milos Forman fled Soviet tanks, continuing his film making career in the U.S. Bertil Ericson, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

During his second year of college, Milos Forman took part in an open competition to be the host of a film and filmmaking talk show for the newly established Czechoslovak Television. “I had the idea that such a job might be a good start for the career of a sports commentator, which seemed to me as the best job ever - being a sports commentator you only had to go to soccer and ice-hockey matches, were paid for it and you could even travel to the West!”