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The title is taken from previous dialogue in the series; Todd Hewitt's adopted father Ben says "War makes monsters out of men" in , which both Todd and Viola later quote.

This is how the final part of Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy starts. Towards the end of Monsters of Men, I can only feel awe, hope, and respect. Awe for the talent with which Patrick Ness has managed to conclude this trilogy. Hope, that he will continue to write books of this stature, and respect for the way in which he lets his main characters make decisions.

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    If in The Knife we mainly got to see things and read things through "the voice" of Todd, Ness had already added a layer to that in The Ask and the Answer when we get both Todd and Viola's perspective. In Monsters of Men, however, Ness now adds a third - and again a completely `different' voice: that of The Return, one of the Spackle who is - like Todd and Viola also are - caught between cultures, one who sees and speaks with the voice of the Clearing and the voice of the Land. All these `voices' are linked in a completely unique way by Ness's writing style (and obviously also by the existence of `the Noise', be it controlled or uncontrolled Noise...), a style which is quite daring for a YA-novel.

    So, Monsters of Men is the third book in Patrick Ness's amazingamazingamazing trilogy, Chaos Walking. As I already said, the first two books––The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer––absolutely blew me away, so I had very high expectations for the final chapter. Of course, when you have high expectations, you get nervous, too. I didn't know how on earth Ness was going to end this or what he was going to do with it … but I trusted him to write something incredible. And ohmygoodness he totally exceeded those very high expectations.