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Kudos to MorePinkBda for such a positive campaign. I'd personally love to see more happy little things like this set up around the island, just because.

It's not even designed to get tourist here... it's about getting locals in a better mood. Based on your bitterness, it sounds like you may need a little #morepinkbda #justsaying

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A spokesperson said, “More Pink Bda is a grass roots social movement to champion Bermudians and empower them to be MORE. The Tourism tagline is Bermuda is ‘so much more’, but what is the more? The more is You. The more is every single person in Bermuda.

Soundtrack from the Film More is Pink Floyd's first full-length soundtrack. The film More was directed by Barbet Schroeder; in it, two songs can be heard that were not included on the album: "Seabirds" and "Hollywood". The album actually comprises the other music used in the film, sometimes in a completely different form.